History of the Car Assembly Line

More than 100 years ago, building cars was a very hard and workers needed many hours to complete their work.

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To create the automobile parts, they used very simple tools. After each component had been manufactured, they brought it together to complete their final product.

On December 1, 1913, Henry Ford invented the Car Assembly Line, which allowed workers to add identical parts to every new car they produced. At the same time, he also managed to reduce the number of hours for massive production of automobiles.

This was a very important step in the construction of cars that led to faster creation and repairs as well as lower prices.

The T-Model Car

Henry Ford improved the concept of the auto assembly line by using the moving platforms of a conveyor system. In order to move it from one station to another, the chassis of each car was towed by a rope.

This way the Model T, that was developed in 1908, could be manufactured every 90 minutes.

Ford wanted to find the best way possible to produce many cars of high quality quickly. That's why he brought together great expertise from different fields around manufacturing, in order to fulfill his vision.

He managed to create a team that could collaborate, bring innovative ideas and promote factory innovations, which eventually led to the formation and development of the Car Assembly Line.

By reducing time and manpower in order to build cars, he had the opportunity to drop the price of the Model T to less than $300. It was the 1st time in history that automobiles of that quality were so affordable and many people were able to buy them.

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The Importance of the Assembly Line

Today the assembly line is still used as the main form of manufacturing vehicles. It allowed less expensive automobile production, saving company's money and time for making each vehicle.

Also, workers that worked for the automobile companies gained a number of advantages, too. For example, they obtained a significant raise in their total pay.

Moreover, it also allowed the consumers to be able to own a car.

Other automobile manufacture companies from all over the world, even small ones, started producing hundred of cars per year, by trying to install moving assembly lines.

The Car Assembly Line represented a significant development in production and potential earnings.